International Webinar – The Propaganda War Against China

The struggle to counter Sinophobia, anti-Chinese and anti-Communist propaganda continues to be paramount. But in the time of the New Cold War and exacerbated by the onslaught of Information Warfare conducted by the United States and its allies, including by some sections of the Western Left, this struggle continues to grow in difficulty and complexity.

Comprehensively addressing this topic and the relationships between the New Cold War, Information Warfare, some sections of the Western Left, and the realities of Xinjiang and Hong Kong is the following international webinar, “The Propaganda War Against China,” to be hosted by the Friends of Socialist China (and others) and which is to take place on Saturday, October 9th beginning at 9:00AM EST.

Above you will find the organizer’s webpage which will lead to a registration link. The event is open to all who wish to attend. Please feel free to share this event link with family and friends, co-workers and others.

For those who are interested in attending, please inform me of your completed registration to the webinar. If it so happens that multiple members of our Maine group can be in attendance this can better form the basis to fostering a wider and better informed discussion (and action) on this topic amongst our entire collective.

Please reach out with any questions.


Daniel Carson
Education Secretary
Maine Communist Party