Infographic: Happy National Day of the People’s Republic of China / by Friends of Socialist China

The Chinese People Have Stood Up!

In the 72 years since Chairman Mao Zedong announced that “The Chinese People Have Stood Up,” modern China has stacked up a succession of extraordinary achievements. Socialism with Chinese characteristics, the framework for these accomplishments, is a decisively socialist system, and has allowed China to enter an age of national prosperity and promise. One should not lose sight of the socialist factors of China’s success, since it is the socialist system that is the foundation of the globally celebrated economic miracle of contemporary China. Some of the socialist factors, and their distinctive advantages, should be highlighted. These include the successes of China’s economic development; China’s socialist economy and government; its socialist market and the planning that structures it; the aims of socialist production; socialist workers and human resources; socialist economic theory and practice, and the socialist system itself.

Source: Friends of Socialist China, October 1, 2021,