International Trans Day of Visibility, 2022 / by Stonewall

Trans Day of Visibility takes place every 31 March. It’s a time to celebrate trans and non-binary people, and to raise awareness of the discrimination faced by the community worldwide.

It also provides an opportunity for trans and non-binary people to feel seen through positive and realistic representation – and for allies to learn more about how they can stand in solidarity.

This year, we’re spotlighting trans stories from the UK and beyond. Read our kick-off blog from our Storytelling Lead, Prishita Maheshwari-Aplin, hear from a range of trans voices over on our TikTok channel, or watch a short film by documentary film-maker Lily Vetch about the Hijra experience.

Today, we all have a role to play. Along with sharing trans peoples’ stories far and wide, make sure to support campaigns and mutual aid networks, so that in future trans people can be more than simply visible – they can thrive.

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