Historic! Gustavo Petro wins elections in Colombia / by Martin Hacthoun

According to data from the National Registrar’s Office, Petro and Francia Marquez, his running mate, will govern Colombia after a triumph already described as historic in this country that has been for over 200 years under right-wing rule.

With 89.35 percent of the tables reported, Petro obtained 10 million 75 thousand 836 votes for 50.88 percent of the valid votes.

Hernandez, from the League of Anticorruption Leaders, got 46.85 percent of the votes. Colombia’s president-elect, Gustavo Petro, affirmed that today is a day of celebration for the people.

“Let them celebrate the first popular victory. May so much suffering be cushioned in the joy that today floods the heart of the Homeland”, expressed the leader of the Historical Pact in his Twitter account upon learning the results of the ballot, which declared him the winner.

He dedicated this victory for God and for the People and its history. “Today is the day of the streets and the squares,” emphasized Petro, who has called for a great national pact.

Leaders from the region sent the winning ticket messages of congratulations, specially the presidents of Argentina, Venezuela, Mexico and Cuba were the first to hail Petro’s victory.

Prensa Latina, June 19, 2022, https://www.plenglish.com/