Don’t Forget Comrade Simón Trinidad / by “Agamemnon” (Nelson Lombana Silva)

Simón Trinidad

Originally Published: Nelson Lombana Silva: No olvidar al camarada Simón Trinidad, July 13, 2022

With the brilliant triumph of the Historical Pact, Colombia is seeing promising developments, full of hope and expectation. These should be strengthening our spirit of solidarity towards all those political fighters stuffed into the hellholes of imperialism. They have to go free, and be compensated by the state!

One of them is comrade Simón Trinidad. He continues to resist, in one of the inhuman prisons of the United States. He does so for the sake of the right simply to rebel against the savage system that is Colombia. To forget him is not ethical.

The present movement for freedom for political prisoners must be strengthened now. The struggle must be deepened by getting into areas that matter, until freedom for revolutionaries is real.

Political prisoners are not criminals. They are social and political fighters who deserve our full admiration. They deserve our support so that, as quickly as possible, they regain their freedom.

With their sacrifice, they have contributed to the successes of democracy we see ahead of us in Colombia, with so much hope. Ours is a country hugely shaken by the violence and criminality that the regime inflicts on the people.

Comrade Simón Trinidad’s personality is democratic to the core. He gave up his position of economic and social power to put himself on the side of the people. He entered into the political and revolutionary struggle of the people with courage, loyalty and commitment. By no means does he deserve to remain as a prisoner in an imperialist dungeon. We must, as in a chorus, demand his immediate freedom.

W.T. Whitney Jr. translated this contribution.

Nelson Lombana Silva of Tolima, Colombia writes for Semanario Vox, the Newspaper of the Columbian Communist Party.