Chinese and Cuban youths review communist organizations’ work / by Ana Luisa Brown

The Communist Youth League of China and the Young Communist League (UJC) of Cuba on Friday reviewed the work of their organizations to prepare the new generations, as reserves of the respective parties | credit Prensa Latina

Originally published in Prensa Latina, 09.09.2022

During a virtual seminar, delegates from both countries delved into issues such as the experience of the youth movement under the leadership of the parties, and the use of new media to disseminate the theory of these political forces.

They also discussed the process to build their organizations’ foundations and train the new cadres.

At the opening session, He Junke, first secretary of the Secretariat of the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League of China, highlighted the history of successful exchanges between the two groups and expressed willingness to work together to strengthen mutual relations.

He praised the role of young people in the Chinese’s efforts to achieve its long-awaited national revitalization and consolidate its position as an advanced, prosperous, and socialist power.

For her part, UJC First Secretary Aylin Alvarez thanked the Chinese League for its support for the struggle against the United States economic, financial and commercial blockade and media war, as well as its donations for the victims of the fire at Supertanker Base in western Matanzas province.

She referred to the young people’s participation in the challenges of their societies, noted the importance of consolidating friendship between the two organizations and explained the working strategies with the new generations in Cuba.

Prensa Latina, September 9, 2022,