Cives Steel Workers Rally for Fair Contract / by Andy O’Brien

Photo credit : Andy O’Brien

Originally published in the Maine AFL-CIO News on Apil 20, 2023

Members of Ironworkers Local 7, Machinists Local S6, the Maine Service Employees Association, Maine Education Association, Central Maine Labor Council, IBEW 1253, the National Association of Letter Carriers and others joined members of Ironworkers Local 807 in solidarity in front of Cives Steel in Augusta on Sunday. Local 807 members said they were excited to see so many other union members show up to support them in their struggle.

“It’s not every day you get a strong group like this. These workers are united and committed to bargaining for the best deal possible,” said Anthony Rosaci, Ironworkers General Organizer.

Rosaci credited the Maine AFL-CIO and Ironworkers Local 7 for helping to turn out union members to support the workers. He emphasized that “solidarity and remaining united” is what it will take to win this fight.

“I’ve worked for this steel company for almost four years now as a welder,” said Local 807 member Greg Whitney. “And this is by far the most I’ve seen the guys come together.”

“We’re glad we’re getting all the help (from other union members) and I’m hopeful everything that we’re doing is making a big difference,” said Local 807 member Sean McCarron.

“It’s great we have everybody come together like this. In the past, you know, we’ve had support, but nothing like this. This one has a little bit different air about it because we’re getting a lot more support,” added 807 member Jamie Lewis.

Andy O’Brien is the communications director for the Maine AFL-CIO, a statewide federation of 160 local unions representing 40,000 workers. However, his opinions are his own and don’t represent the views of his employer. He is also a member of United Food and Commercial Workers Local 1445.