The Communist Party of Maine is one of many clubs associated with the CPUSA to be found in various localities across the United States. We work to build the project that Karl Marx and Frederick Engels, the founders of our movement, called scientific socialism. We have both a short-term vision for socialism and a long-term vision. The former calls for agitation for reform of an unjust, class-based political system. The latter, which is our main inspiration, is all about political and social transformation. We assume there will be no revolutionary charge without the support of the vast majority of people. We assume also that the pursuit of reforms serves that same goal, especially as advantage is taken of the contradictions existing within the dominant capitalist system. 

Our work proceeds along two lines. First, we endeavor to educate community members and ourselves as to political and social phenomena that influence, and have influenced, the character of our society. Secondly, we are political activists. We take action by joining and supporting others as they push for reforms that are in line with our own goals and purposes. We assume that as individual activists we build our movement through the good example we offer as individuals of hard work and political insight.

The political orientation of the Communist Party USA is reflected in excerpts taken from the Party’s Program (for which, see www.cpusa.org):

“Working people around the world have always sought a future without war, exploitation, inequality, and poverty. They strive to build a brighter future, one based on democracy, peace, justice, equality, cooperation, and meeting human needs. That future is socialism, a system in which working people control their own lives and destinies, and together build a better world. …. Socialism will usher in a new era in this county. The great wealth of the United States will for the first time be for the benefit of all the people. Foreign policy will be based on mutual respect, peace, and solidarity. The people’s democratic rights will be guaranteed and expanded. Racial, gender, and social equality will be the basis of domestic policies and practices. Socialism is not a dream, but a necessity to working people’s lives. Only socialism has the solutions to the problems of capitalism in this country.

“The working class and working people as a whole are the overwhelming majority of society. The working class creates everything that the world’s people need to survive and thrive – from food, housing, health care, energy, education to transportation, music and art. Because working people make the country go, they are also uniquely position to change the society. Workers, when united and working together with other oppressed people, have the power to change the world.”