After the election, from People’s Worlds

September 21, 2020 By Art Perlo Knocking on doors in my diverse, low- to middle-income working-class neighborhood, almost everyone I talk to says they will vote to dump Trump and elect Biden-Harris.The next six weeks will see a struggle critical to the future of our country and all of humanity. Claims to leadership in theContinue reading “After the election, from People’s Worlds”

“We Charge Genocide”—Forerunner at UN of Black Lives Matter

By Tom Whitney, August 1, 2020 The “We Charge Genocide” petition to the United Nations in 1951 is remembered as one of several major Communist Party contributions to anti-racist struggle in the United States, others being the rescue of the “Scottsboro Boys” in the 1930s, support for the Alabama Sharecroppers Union in that era, andContinue reading ““We Charge Genocide”—Forerunner at UN of Black Lives Matter”