Commentary: On transphobia / by Miranda Lynch

Recently, right-wing and liberal media have been attacking trans people in increasingly vicious ways. How can we analyse this from a left-wing viewpoint?      In 1919 Lenin said the following in a speech on anti-Semitism: “The hate of the workers and peasants, the landowners and capitalists tried to divert against the Jews. In other countries,Continue reading “Commentary: On transphobia / by Miranda Lynch”

Northern Ireland elections – the communist view / by Eugene McCartan

Sinn Fein’s Vice President Michelle O’Neill, centre, reacts with party colleagues after being elected in Mid Ulster at the Medow Bank election count centre in Magherafelt , Northern Ireland, Friday, May, 6, 2022 Communist Party of Ireland general secretary explains how solutions to Ireland’s problems cannot be found within the political structures created by andContinue reading “Northern Ireland elections – the communist view / by Eugene McCartan”