Russian ‘left’ split over Ukraine war / by Ilya Budraitkis

Remembering Lenin’s birthday: CPRF chair Gennady Zyuganov (centre left) at a rally, 4/22 | Credit: Konstantin Zavrazhin · Getty Under Vladimir Putin, Russia’s Communist Party has been a tame opposition kept on a tight leash. With a few brave exceptions, the party has eagerly supported the war in Ukraine. In his address on 22 February,Continue reading “Russian ‘left’ split over Ukraine war / by Ilya Budraitkis”

Lenin’s ‘The State and Revolution’ / by Louise O’Shea

If they do me in, I ask you to publish my notebook: Marxism on the State (it got left behind in Stockholm). It’s bound in a blue cover… There are a number of remarks and notes… I believe it to be important. So wrote Lenin with characteristic modesty in July 1917. He was referring to what laterContinue reading “Lenin’s ‘The State and Revolution’ / by Louise O’Shea”

Understanding war: Lenin’s ‘imperialism: The highest stage of capitalism’ / by Tom Bramble

The outbreak of World War I ushered in a new age of barbarism in Europe. It also triggered the collapse of the Second International, the international league of socialist parties that purported to be staunch opponents of war, but which lined up behind their own ruling classes when it broke out. Lenin’s pamphlet Imperialism: The HighestContinue reading “Understanding war: Lenin’s ‘imperialism: The highest stage of capitalism’ / by Tom Bramble”