China: From Hunger and Famine to Feeding Everyone

This class is sponsored by the CPUSA’s China Subcommittee of the Peace and Solidarity Commission and the National Education Commission.

Speakers will include Shen Ning, North American Bureau of the CPC International Department; Norman Markowitz, Rutgers University; and Luo Xiaoping, a sociologist from North China Electrical Power University. Date: Sunday, September 26; Time: 8 PM Eastern, 7 PM Central, 5 PM Pacific. Register here to attend the webinar and receive a recording.


International Webinar – The Propaganda War Against China

The struggle to counter Sinophobia, anti-Chinese and anti-Communist propaganda continues to be paramount. But in the time of the New Cold War and exacerbated by the onslaught of Information Warfare conducted by the United States and its allies, including by some sections of the Western Left, this struggle continues to grow in difficulty and complexity. ComprehensivelyContinue reading “International Webinar – The Propaganda War Against China”