Evil Geniuses : the Unmaking of America, A Recent History / by kurt anderseN /Random House, 2021, 464 pages, 978-1984801357
Random House, 2021

Journalist and author Kurt Anderson tells us that around 2006, just before the global financial crisis, he had an epiphany.  The USA was no longer the country in which he grew up.  Since the 1980s, America had become culturally (even musically) stagnant, riven by endless culture warring, and mired in a nostalgia which Trumpism would soon enough prey upon Meanwhile, wave after wave of economic reforms had destroyed the middle classes and the aspirational American dream for the vast majority of Americans, as “the piece of the income pie taken each year by the rich had become as hugely disproportionate as it was in the 1920s … an average CEO now gets paid several hundred time the salary of the average worker, a gap that’s of an order of magnitude larger than it was in the 1970s” (xvi).  The America of the future, Anderson came to fear, “isn’t so much a too-Hispanic US society caused by unchecked Mexican immigration but a Latin-Americanized society with a … callous oligarchy gated off from a growing mass of screwed-over peons.” ~ Marx & Philosophy Review of Books, HTTPS://MARXANDPHILOSOPHY.ORG.UK/REVIEWS/19568_EVIL-GENIUSES-THE-UNMAKING-OF-AMERICA-A-RECENT-HISTORY-BY-KURT-ANDERSEN-REVIEWED-BY-MATT-SHARPE/