The Long Shadow of Racial Fascism / by Alberto Toscano

October 28, 2020 In the wake of the 2016 election, public intellectuals latched onto the new administration’s organic and ideological links with the alt- and far right. But a mass civic insurgency against racial terror—and the federal government’s authoritarian response—has pushed hitherto cloistered academic debates about fascism into the mainstream, with Peter E. Gordon, Samuel Moyn, and Sarah Churchwell takingContinue reading “The Long Shadow of Racial Fascism / by Alberto Toscano”

Cuba Prepares for Disaster / by Don Fitz

Cienfuegos, Cuba. Photograph Source: Alistair Kitchen – CC BY 2.0 The September 2021 Scientific American included a description by the editors of the deplorable state of disaster relief in the US.  They traced the root cause of problems with relief programs as their “focus on restoring private property,” which results in little attention to those “with the least capacityContinue reading “Cuba Prepares for Disaster / by Don Fitz”