About Us

We are the Communist Party of Maine and are affiliated with the Communist Party USA. We struggle for socialism and democracy and against capitalism and fascism. Capitalism creates the economic, social, cultural and environmental crises that are destroying us. More and more people understand this. Socialism is more urgently needed today than ever before!

We are a Communist Party club with members throughout much of Maine. Clubs represent the CPUSA at the grassroots level. Some cities have several clubs, and small rural states may have only one or two. A few work places have their own club.
We of the Maine club act in support of working-class struggle in the state. We are involved too with issues farther afield.  What actions we take rests on what we’ve learned about class-based struggle in the past and present. We collaborate with allies and potential allies in our learning and action.

What is the Communist Party USA? Our party dates from and was inspired by the Russian Revolution, in 1917. The CPUSA is both reformist and revolutionary. We assume that to rid ourselves of capitalism, to make a revolution, we need a big majority on our side. That won’t be soon. The job now and for the foreseeable future is to build that majority. To do that, and do some good, Communists work on some reforms. They do so in collaboration with other progressives, sometimes those who are with regular political parties. The idea is to build unity, grow, and to become a force.

How is the CPUSA organized? Our Party has a National Board, a chairperson (today two co-chairs), and a National Committee. The latter selects the National Board, which deals with Party affairs between National Committee meetings. The Party has a constitution, which is accessible on the Party’s website (www.cpusa.org). A national convention meets every four years. That’s when the Party reassess its “Program,” which is also viewable on the website. There’s lots of other information there.