Thanks to the Maine AFL-CIO and communications director Andy O Brien for these news briefs, selected from the many appearing on the Federation’s website at

PMA Workers and Allies Demand Museum Cease Attacks on Workers’ Rights

(April 1) Museum workers and fellow union members with the Southern Maine Labor have been handing out leaflets to patrons calling out management for their union busting tactics.

After months of organizing, PMA workers voted in December to form a union with Local 2110 of the United Auto Workers. The museum workers asked PMA leadership to respect their right to organize without delay or interference, but instead of doing so,the museum has tried to defeat the union by challenging the right of 22 gallery ambassadors to join the union. Results of the union election have not been released because the ballots have been impounded due to the PMA’s obstructionist legal challenge. Local 2110 has also filed charges against the museum for laying off gallery ambassadors without providing notice to or negotiating with the union.

The Southern Maine Labor Council is looking for a few volunteers to continue leafletting PMA. If you’re interested please email

IBEW member Barney McClelland and AFT member Harlan Baker leaflet outside PMA last week).

Maine Med Nurses are Voting

(April 9) Last week, the National Labor Relations Board mailed ballots to the nearly 2000 registered nurses at Maine Medical Center who are eligible to vote in the union election. Nurses are voting to form a union and to be represented by the Maine State Nurses Association/ National Nurses United. The ballots went out March 29th and will be counted on April 29th. 

Community support remains strong for the nurses. Lawn and window signs of support can be spotted all over Southern Maine, and patients are wearing stickers of support into the hospital.  Join the Friends of Maine Med Nurses group on Facebook to stay connected, and consider posting a photo with a sign of support to your social media with #MMCUnionYes! 

Nancy Begert and Mary Kate O’Sullivan, RNs at Maine Med, proudly cast their ballots for their union.

Senators King and Collins Must Support Pro Act!

(April 9) The PRO Act is the most significant worker empowerment legislation since the Great Depression. And it’s also a civil rights and economic stimulus bill. If we can get this passed, generations of working people could thrive. 

It passed the House on March 9 with bipartisan support, and President Biden has urged Congress to send it to his desk. The Senate is the final obstacle.

So let’s flood the Senate phone lines with support for the PRO Act. Call Senators Angus King and Susan Collins and tell them to vote YES on the PRO Act.

Important addendum: Maine Communists will proudly join DSA in demonstrating for the PRO Act in front of Senator King’s offices in Maine on Workers’ Day, May 1.

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